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The impact of loft insulation on an EPC rating

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Loft insulation can have a considerable impact on your EPC rating and more importantly the overall energy efficiency of your home. Here we share a real case study based upon a recent EPC assessment we conducted here in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Many landlords and homeowners often ask us what they can do to get a better rating on their Energy Performance Certificate. In reality, there is no 'magic bullet' answer to this question as it depends on so many variables such as the age of the property, the wall type, whether it is a house or a flat etc. By sharing real case studies, we hope that our readers can get a better insight and make comparisons with their own property. Hopefully this can help better prepare them prior to an EPC inspection.

The EPC survey was performed on a house built in the 1920s and the wall type was the typical Yorkshire sandstone found in so many properties here in Bradford. It had a lounge, kitchen and 3 bedrooms. A modern condensing boiler was installed with radiators and TRVs throughout the property. The property achieved a energy performance rating of 'D' but missed out on a 'C' rating simply because there was no loft insulation. It is well known that heat rises therefore loft insulation can minimise the heat loss and keep the home warmer for longer periods. The greater the thickness of the insulation, the better the chances of a higher EPC rating.

Do you require an Energy Performance Certificate for a property but want to prepare your property beforehand? Contact us here at 'The EPC Guy' and we will be glad to assist.

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