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EPC Certificates changing to improve user experience (MOT style display)

The government has announced the formation of a new central register to improve the overall customer experience of producing energy efficiency information for people’s homes and business premises. This aims to benefit owners, tenants and landlords who will gain access to more information beyond the physical Energy Certificate e.g. what to do next, where to find grants and funding opportunities, where to get quality installers.

The Government wants to ensure that Energy Certificates (EPCs, DECs and AirCon) remain central to government thinking and policy, as the country aims to meet its climate change commitments. As a result of this, the new register will sit on a ".gov" website ensuring that all EPC data is centralised and can be accessed by government.

The Government has maintained an open dialogue with industry stakeholders about how this information can help improve the energy efficiency of all our homes and buildings.

The user experience will be similar to other ".gov" websites (e.g. MOTs, Tax returns) with a hope that customers/clients become engaged and can continue on their journey to improve the energy efficiency of their home/business on a trusted Government website. The Government is also changing the design and content of Energy Certificates to ensure that the most relevant information is available and easy to follow. These fundamental changes come are coming into force on 20th September 2020.

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